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Rev a Shelf, History, Categories and Accessories

Home ImprovementRev a Shelf, History, Categories and Accessories

Kitchen, Bathroom and Closet are the places where always need an adjustment. Because In kitchen managing things and set them in a proper way is not a easy task, as similar bathrooms and closets are also places where you will see things didn’t look in proper way because we don’t have some special storage for adjusting things in an appropriate way.

Today I’m here to enlighten you that you can solve your this kind of problems and you can make your kitchen, bathroom, closet and rooms very attractive. Rev a Shelf is an organization that provides you kitchen accessories, bathroom and room accessories, deep baskets and containers. There wide range spread worldwide such as U.S to Europe, Asia and Mexico with factories and warehouses and offices to deal with vary customers. How long does upholstery cleaning takes?

History of Rev a Shelf:

Actually this organization was originally made for division of Jones Plastic and Engineering in 1984 in California. Their product line was started as metal and polymer Lazy Susan module that prepared for the biggest U.S Cabinet manufactures and has groom into the market and it innovator of quality, functional residential cabinet storage and organizational products. For instance; Lazy Susan Kitchen Drawer organizers, Base cabinet and Pantry Pull-Outs, Functional waste containers, LED lighting systems and childproof locking system. Now it provides their accessories worldwide.

Products categories:

There are many products that Rev a Shelf offers you. Such as; Waste Containers, Blind Corner Accessories, Base Accessories, Lazy Susan, Bathroom and vanity accessories, Tall and Pantry Accessories, Drawer Accessories, Skin Accessories, Closet Accessories, Hampers, Wall Accessories, LED Lighting, Power Towel Pullout.

Base Cabinet Accessories:

It includes your all basic needs for store kitchen items, such as; cookware organizer, Knife organizer, Fillers, Drawers, Mixer lift, Pullout kitchen Shelves, Tray Dividers and organizers. These all are design for your all needs. These accessories will make your kitchen very attractive. You will find your all desires about kitchen management.

Wall Cabinet Pullout:

Do you need a wall cabinet that will have your all necessary things at one place?  You can able to pull out things from a wall through wall accessories. Its open style is design to satisfy your urges, and you can find things very easily. It is available in vary sizes, and lengths.

Tall Cabinet Accessories:

Rev a Shelf tall accessories are now available in more modish and it will organize your pantry very well. It enhances your kitchen and ground breaking accessories. It gives you easy access to and organization for everyday items. In this category you can get every pantry organized item.

It includes Pullouts, Fillers, Door Storage, Swing-outs, Roll-outs and Lazy Susan. You can get very colors in these accessories such as chrome, gray, natural maple, origin gray, white and almond. You can mount them to cabinet floor and ceiling, mount to cabinet floor and side walls, mount to cabinet side wall, mount to cabinet door, mount between cabinet (fillers).

Skin Accessories:

Skin accessories are very important for in a home, where women can place their all skin items like cosmetics, and daily using items. Skin accessories include; tip out trays, pullouts, drip trays, door storage, waste containers, Rev-A-Lock and towel handler.

Material options are polymer, stainless steel, wire and wood. You can mount them to cabinet floor, cabinet door and cabinet side wall.

Search by size:

You can select the accessories as according to size which you desire. So for this purpose go to Rev-A-Shelf minimum cabinet opening filter. And select a product which will suit to your application. First thing is you should carefully measure your cabinet and make sure its size.

  • Measure side to side (width)
  • Measure front to back (depth or length)
  • Measure top to bottom (height)

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